A8v-deluxe-kt800pro suddenly a overclocker ?


May 25, 2005
been playing around with my old A8v-deluxe kt-800pro . anyways i havd this mb for months now and had pretty much given up any hope of stable overclocking above 250fsb.

well a new bios comes out for it 1014-008 oem .it is for x2 support and has some bug fixes.

so i drop in my 3000 venice e3 core , some chepo inferion ram old g4-4200ti, an even older antec 450sl and another old 80g wd 100 ata hd.

to my shock--all the pci locks work , the ram divisors work--all of a sudden this thing can run win 2000pro sp4 stable @ 9x 289 ! --thought i could pull it up to an even 300fsb but no-go .

would crash in windows above 289fsb--i was able to post at 300fsb-- yea--that don't sound like much compared to my ultra d's --but in use on air in windows --this is a darn good OC..
after a crash @ 299fsb i did sort of "crap-out" the bios and had to re flash it to get my keyboard and mouse back --so beware about testing it above 280fsb--

so if you have one of these MB get the new bios--it has alot of improvements overclocking wise and it is very stable --so stable--if you didn't know better --you wouldn't think it was a via MB--LOL