A7N8X-E Deluxe build randomly shutting off.

Apr 8, 2002
Having a wierd problem with a board I just got today. I can turn it on, POST, boot off of a CD and start to install Windows, but about 3-4 minutes after I turn the board on, it does a hard shutdown, just turns itself off.

The power LED on the motherboard stays steady, but I can't turn the board on again without cutting off power until the caps discharge. Then it boots fine.

Nothing hooked up except the basics, video card, HDD and CD-ROM being the only periferals. The board is mounted on the tray from my Coolermaster, solidly and with seemingly with not shorts.

I was thinking maybe that it was an emergency overheat shutoff since it is currently sweltering and I don't have air, but the BIOS reports the CPU running at ~60c and the ambient at ~30c. I have a 12'' room fan on it as well.

PSU is one I had in one of my other boxes, an Apollo that's been pretty solid for a couple years.

So... bad board or possibly some other part causing this problem? I don't really see CPU or RAM causing this behaviour, it's an audible click as everything loses power.