A Verbatim USB flash drive connect to Vava USB C Hub keep dropping out on a brand new Lenovo Tablet?

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Jul 1, 2004
Bought a brand new Lenovo Idea PAD 3, along w/ this Vava USB C Hub


Connects a USB Verbatim 3.0 flash drive, 64GB (the Verbatim is lifetime warranty) to it, it keep dropping out. The tablet keep losing the connection to the flash drive, have to disconnect and re-connect, but during that time frame, the MS Mouse (USB 2) connects to the same hub is fine.

The mouse is connected from this Vava hub to the same USB C port at the tablet. Any idea why? The mouse is USB 2 naturally, but the flash drive is USB 3

the same flash drive was also used on another Lenovo laptop, and that works fine thru another USB Hub from laptop to that same flash drive.