A Plague Tale: Requiem

for those that don't watch to watch the 7 hour presentation here's the important details :D ...release date: October 18 2022...ray-tracing and DLSS supported
Thanks! Now that it's over, I added the time reference to the link so it take you right to the gameplay trailer. If people don't want to do that, here is the standalone video:

Not sure how big Asobo studio is, but I feel those game are excellent ads for Unreal Engine, small sales figure needed making ignoring the PS4/Xbox one easier has well here.

Those games do look really good.
Not sure how big Asobo studio is, but I feel those game are excellent ads for Unreal Engine, small sales figure needed making ignoring the PS4/Xbox one easier has well here.

Those games do look really good.
They're a relatively small, private developer with around 250 employees. They also made MSFS 2020, The Crew series, and ReCore.
The first one was an in-house engine (I believe). But can't wait for this, I hope it's as good as the first.

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A Plague Tale: Requiem preview

I recently got the chance to play through chapters 6 and 7 of A Plague Tale: Requiem, getting a closer look at some of the ways that Asobo Studio is building on its prior success, expanding the scope while also keeping things from getting too unwieldy...there's more work to be done, but based on what I've played, this could easily be one of the best games to play in the back half of the year

A Plague Tale: Innocence was already a great-looking game, but mere minutes into playing this, it quickly becomes apparent why A Plague Tale: Requiem isn't being developed for last-gen consoles...it's gorgeous, with wide-open spaces packed to the brim with detail...individual characters look incredible, and the cloth physics seem like a notable step up from the prior game...during the over-two-hour runtime of the preview, I never saw Amicia's new crossbow clip with any part of her model...

A Plague Tale: Requiem - Story Trailer

releases October 18th on Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, PC and in Cloud Version on Nintendo Switch...the game will also be available Day One with Xbox Game Pass for Console, PC and Cloud...

It probably doesn't "need" 60fps since it's not really an action filled title. I do have a VRR compatible display so anything 50+ seems smooth. The first game was really good despite some annoying parts and not to mention that kid whines waaaaaay to much (pls take him bad guys, I can't stand his bullshit lol) but it was a sweet game mostly and metal af at times.
And probably does not need-gain much to be run in Ultra versus mostly very-high with a massive FPS boost, making a game not sure why I would not have an ultra setting that let you play at 50-60fps with a 3090TI at 1080p if it is in any way possible and do not require coding outside just changing some LOD level and raytracing bouncing count.

Why not ?
Just a dev build I imagine, but close to release, 74 fps average on a 12900KS + 4090 when run at 4k-ultra:

A 3090TI at 53 fps, making the 3070 with a Ryzen 3600 the minimum to be comfortably always above 60 at 1080p probably realist.

Just after he is running a portion of a game (Chinese MMO) that goes down well under 10 fps on a 3090TI, I thought it was a tech demo when I saw the marketing material but it is a 2018 game that has path tracing available.
it's getting pretty solid reviews...in the 8 range...an improvement on the original...available on PC Game Pass

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A little bit surprised by what seem a lack of RayTracing at launch (or it is backing in and always use with high setting ?) for 2 reason

1) How much it was use in Nvidia marketing and vice versa
2) the return to a 30 FPS console version and minimal hardware to run it with a 1080p, was RT off ?

Will see overtime once patched.
no RT at launch after they hyped it up for months?
I could be wrong, but I always felt a bit strange that none of the RT hype for months ever showed a without vs with RT in them.

I thought it was simply a case the difference is not that noticeable (even in the actual end product), so it's not adding values to show it, but it could have been not being ready enough and maybe it was a shift toward the new RT affair a la Cyberpunk ?

Could be the performance start so low even on good hardware without it than they need to optimize it more before it make sense even if it is ready, but they could have cheated in the marketings content and still shown it screenshots style if that was the case.
Wow, what an intro. Absolutely dope. Don’t care about RT as the game is pushing 120 FPS maxed out with DLSS and quality. Beautiful game and intro.
I hear this is a very demanding game on PC and pushes consoles to their limit...a true next-gen title...the visuals look really impressive as well...the ray-tracing patch will bring PC's to their knees