A Picture I took - 2012

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Its amazing what you can do with a tripod and some time on location.

I got mine for 30ish from amazon, its nothing amazing...however its light and folds up compactly enough to strap in with my camera bag or stuff in a suitcase when flying.

$40 tripod I bought from a mall here in Korea literally fell apart on me while extending the tripod legs (i.e., not an abusive situation at all.)

Now I'm waiting on a $150 Slik tripod to get here. Fuck cheap tripods. They suck.

Here's a pic I took:

Scuderia Ferrari Korean F1GP by davidgevert, on Flickr
^Great photo, I'll be at the COTA in two weeks. Can't wait! :D

I 100% agree with the tripod comment. I, like everyone, started with an el-cheapo $30 tripod, when that broke down, I decided to get something half-decent (manfrotto 190 & gorillapod focus), and man it makes a HUGE difference. Stability aside, its usability is far easier too!

Stacked by Empty Quarter, on Flickr
Nice pagoda.. not sure if I dig the super white areas between the clouds... nice never the less....
Nice pagoda.. not sure if I dig the super white areas between the clouds... nice never the less....

TY, I agree the whites got blown out a bit, I think ill try to salvage it a bit with a run through PS and maybe swap in a new skyline or something. Not sure what.
One nice thing about using a strong ND filter and slow shutter speed used during the day time, is that people in pictures disappear.

What I appreciate most about this photo is how unique it is, there are countless photos of the falls, all with the same vantage, this one on the other hand is different. The clouds are weird, but awesome photo nonetheless



Let's see the unmolested version of this picture, the HDR is way overdone.

here is the original, I lost a little on the left after I straightened the image. I guess its time for a better more sturdy tripod. I'm looking at a Vanguard AltaPro 264AT with SBH-100 ball head.

DSC_0282 by D. Washington, on Flickr
Thanks! that edit is much better then what I had.
I agree the clouds are bad in that shot.

I wish I had a bit more time at that location, we were walking up from the rainbow bridge over to the horseshoe falls and this building just grabbed me. The wife was patiently putting up with my "I wanna shoot this, and that there, and over here too!" Either way we had a good time, and I got to improve my photography skills a tad too.
One reason why I love my 24-105L.. even without a tripod I can get killer HDR shots....
I'm kinda half-regretting selling my 24-105 for the 24-70, the kit lens was noticeably sharper at f/4.

One reason why I have both...

Actually I have both the 24-70 I and II and 24-105... I need to sell my old 24-70L I
It's been a while since I've posted anything here... This is from tonight's home-made rain machine shoot at a friend's place!

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