A Picture I took - 2012

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darktiger,you always seem to use the best models for a photo shoot I've ever seen,thank you very much!
Boy, I wish I had the colorful backdrops you guys have. Living in a arid region, we have to import our color.

Here in Houston we have nothing either..... I just have to make due :)
darktiger, your shots (including models), are just wicked, lighting is fantastic in every one. Looking at entering new photography territory and trying the whole glamour/fashion thing, your photos are great inspiration!
Haven't posted in a while. Here are a few recent ones from a fall trip with the boys last weekend:






And one self-portrait:

heres a self portrait i took yesterday going for a androgynous look

[--img]Self Portrait[/QUOTE]

Mission accomplished! lol! You look like justin beiber in this pic (which I wouldn't consider a good thing). Pretty cool looking portrait though.

[quote="Sheldron, post: 1039259455"][--IMG]tiger

[--IMG]other cat[--IMG]

[--IMG]two headed dog[--IMG]

Love that first shot of the tiger! Great composition!

Under the Tracks by Empty Quarter, on Flickr

Why does flickr severly lower the quality of photos when uploaded? This pic actually has some pretty awesome detail and light on the steel beams above, but when uploaded, it's just all black as if it were a huge contrast bump, anyone know a workaround?

I tried exporting to different formats with different color spaces, but still, nothing. The JPEG on my PC turned out the way I wanted it to. I can understand a small loss of quality due to compression, but this is just nuts

Here is the difference between JPEG on PC, and what's on flickr

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