A Picture I took - 2012

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Zarathustra[H];1039007357 said:
What do you do for work?

I provide technical services to use sounding rockets for low-cost access to space. Some of the rockets we launch are simple enough that the hazard areas are small. When those launches also don't have photography restrictions, it is fun to go watch:

Wow, that's awesome!

Yes, yes it is. Great shot as usual EQ! I am loving all these great architectural shots of your's lately!

You say you're using a Tonika 11-16 for all of these? You're making me want to pick one up.
TY :) Yes, I do use a tokina 11-16, and ~95% of the shots ive posted were with that lens (not including the last tunnel one, that was a tamron iirc). You should pick one up, its as best as it gets for wide angles on a crop sensor!
Tripod broke, and had to use my camera bag as an erstwhile tripod, so a lot of the lighted city pics had camera motion because I wasn't paying enough attention to it. :(




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Not exactly *a* picture I took but instead a whole boat load of pictures and even more time spent post processing:


A virtual tour of the new crash test facility my company just put into operations at our Wisconsin Proving Grounds. This is our second full scale crash test center and allows us the capability to perform indoor rollover testing.

This is my first time doing 360° panoramic tours - boy what a learning curve!

Disclaimer: I had absolutely no input on the design of that particular webpage ;)

EDIT: Hrmm, photo comes up de-rezzed/fuzzy in Chrome. Clickly for fullscreen/better looking version (if you have that problem. Seems to be okay in Firefox.)
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^ I like very much. Fountains weren't working?

Well, it was my first time to Vegas, and I found out quickly that my belief that everything is 24 hours was wrong. Apparently Fremont street only operates from 8PM-12:00AM (and we therefore didn't get any cool shots in there, since we arrived at 3AM...) and the Bellagio Fountain shows don't start until 7AM, and I have no idea when they end. I got shots of the first show at 7 (it was VERY underwhelming) but the blue hour pictures were much better than the sunrise shots.

The reflection on the water works better (rather than being broken by the fountains shooting up), the lights on the buildings/around town are on and visible (half of Vegas shooting seems to be lights and lighting,) and the color of the sky and blue buildings seems to complement the surroundings much better than the morning sun. We hung out in front of the Bellagio for probably 2.5 hours, and by far this shot I think captured the whole of the scenery best.

Thanks for the question and the complement!
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Photo comes up de-rezzed/fuzzy in Chrome. Clickly for fullscreen/better looking version (if you have that problem. Seems to be okay in Firefox.)
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I really like the cat's eye one. Does your macro do greater than 1:1 or is that just a cropped image?
I used a technique I saw somewhere online called "reverse macro", I basically took the kit lens with a cheapo macro filter I have that came with a wide angle adapter kit, pulled off the kit lens, reversed it and held it by hand onto the camera body while trying my damndest to get the cat to stop moving so damn much! Lol it was so difficult, but I like how it turned out. That is the full shot, just resized/compressed for the web. My camera is aged, so I'm trying to get as much life from it as I can before I have to move on to something else. The trusty Rebel XT body, kit lens and Sigma 70-300mm telephoto lens are starting to feel like they're holding me back! A couple more I liked from my recent trip to visit family:







Pictured is a random swamp right near Jenson Lake in Lebanon Hills Park.
Not that many sunsets in the PacNW, so I tend to shoot too many. I try to make sure I get some foreground action in. Took these last night.


Not an outstanding picture, but came out good for not using a tripod. Had to set it on the car...The big dipper is what i was aiming at when i shot this, so its in there somewhere. But this was a 30 second exposure and 18mm. Took this in Grand Detour, IL.

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