A little help


Limp Gawd
Nov 10, 2002
just looking for some ideas for the best solution...

i have 3 servers, 2 will host vm's via esxi, and 1 will be an openfiler nas

i have 2 networks, 1 is subnet-186 vlan-186, 1 is subnet-192 vlan-112

I'd like for all of the servers to be on both subnets... luckily they all have at least 2 NICs...

I've setup 2 IP addresses for each server and they both work for their respective subnets, but now am down to setting up a hostname to map to those IPs... I'm wondering should I:

A) Assign both IPs to the same hostname in DNS
B) Assign unique hostnames to each IP

what are the benefits and drawbacks to each (if any) knowing that traffic is not allowed to pass from one subnet to another without a user entering password credentials (and ideally even that won't happen much if at all)...

Am open to ideas...

Just setup DNS as you normally would and create a reverse lookup zone for the 2nd subnet.

Also are you planning to actually route these VLANs or are they just static for storage / LAN? Just wondering because if you aren't going to route them then DNS for the 2nd vlan is pretty useless.