A few questions


Oct 25, 2003
I recently read about something called a "real magic x -card" It promises superior tv output for htpcs. I wazs wondering why some poeple still us radeon card for that.

I am also interested in making the image displayed on my tv to be sharp. I saw a picture of windows desltop on tv but it was all blurry.I would like to make that sharp. for mine.

If i dont intend to do any gaming on this box, can i just use a tv capture card and the x-card for output?
Don't really know about ATI but With my Hauppauge pvr250 I went into the NV5950 video card control panel and increased digital vibrance and fiddled about with contrast etc.
Major improvement.
Remember TV signals are at a low resolution so I think there is only so much you can do.