a cloud guru


Aug 31, 2009
Anyone have any experiance with "A Cloud Guru". Looking to get entry level AWS certified and I've been told a cloud guru is the place to go. Any advice? A login maybe? :LOL:
yep. For the SA:A cert, acloudguru should be enough (at least in my case it was). I speak in the context of having hands-on with the AWS ecosystem of course, so take advantage of your free tier.
It's a good service because it's very easy to carry the content with you (ie. Tablet/phone) and the tests help you learn what the real thing will be like. If you get one of the higher tiers of the plan, you'll have access to their environments to do the work, so you don't need to have your own account to do exercises in.

One issue I've heard is that they don't update their content quite as often as AWS changes, so sometimes there's topics or services not covered.

I myself still use it a lot but I'm also supplementing with content from Tutorials Dojo which is more straight forward with great content, but less bells and whistles.