9800XT Confusion: Different Power Sources?


Limp Gawd
Aug 26, 2005
I'm confused...again. My computers internal PSU is 230w. Now I've got an external power supply, that my computer, PDA, and monitor connect to. It's a CyberPower generating 325w.

If I buy a 9800XT, is it required to connect to my computer internal PSU? And if so, how much power should my PSU have?
yeah it will have a normal molex type connector. similar to the power connector on a hard drive or cd-rom

I run my athlon xp 3000+ off a 300w with my 9800 pro.

I wouldn't recommend going lower than a 300w.
A 9800XT consumes a lot of power (because it was basically pushing the 15nm process to its max). I would strongly recomend buying a 6800nu instead; you can probably find it for cheaper, it will perform better, and it will consume a lot less power.

http://www.xbitlabs.com/articles/video/display/ati-powercons_7.html (9800XT)
http://www.xbitlabs.com/articles/video/display/ati-vs-nv-power_4.html (6800nu)

In fact, the 6800nu only consumes about 38W of power (the AGP port can deliver up to 45W, I believe) so theoretically it wouldn't even need an extra molex. The 9800XT, on the other hand, conumes about 60W of power at full load.

In your case I feel that the 6800nu is a much safer card to go with (but you still might want consider upgrading your PSU).
Ok...I am having troubles finding your 6800 non-ultra in AGP (assuming it has 128MBs). I have searched numerous places...

Do you mean the 6800GT? That one doesn't look like much of a power saver...


Normally, I would recommend that you spend $50 more (or $30 if you're looking @ the Asus) and get a 6800GS which would be MUCH better, but since power consumption is an issue here, this is about the best you can get in AGP without needing a new PSU.

You want to look for something that doesn't have an external Molex connector; if it does, then that's more load on your PSU. A card that doesn't have it means that it sucks all it's power from the AGP slot, and there is less load on the PSU.