9700pro/Monitor Issues


Jun 3, 2004
System Specs:
MB AOPEN AK86-L VIA K8T800-Bios R1.08c
CPU AMD 64 3200+ ATHLON 64
DDRAM 512MB|64X64 PC-3200B
Radeon9700Pro----I have tried 3.2 Cats all the way up to 4.5
Monitor-Sony HMD-A240
Audigy 2 ZS

Issue-While playing any type of game, be it Warcraft or UT-2k4 my refresh rate will randomly change during game play and the monitor switches to Out of Sync/Or Vertical Lines appear. The only solution i have found is setting my desktop to either a different resolution or bpp than the game, then when the Out Of Sync/Vertical lines appear i just alt-tab out to desktop and the monitor jumps back in sync and im back to gaming until it happens again. As you can imagine that gets rather annoying ;) I have been running this 9700/Monitor in my compaq with no problem, however when i put this new system together it just seems to fubar. Any suggestions, or if im leaving info out you need please let me know =)


May 22, 2001
*cough REFRESHLOCK /cough*

Seriously...goto guru3d and download it..sheesh

I'd stick with Catalyst 4.4 drivers for that card for the time being, unless something you play suggest 4.5s for some reason...