970 EVO 1tb/512mb $161/$84 with Samsung Pay 30% off at Best Buy today. (Vague Exclusions YMMV)

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    Shop via the Samsung Pay App (requires a Samsung smart phone) at Best Buy and get 30% cash back. Problem is that 'promotions' are excluded, and no one really knows what that means - but you have until Jan 12th to return almost everything including SSDs, which should be long enough to discover if getting cash back on the sale prices is going to be a problem (or if a better deal comes along).

    970 EVOs were most interesting to me, but 860 EVOs are also on sale, and I also picked up a Neato Botvac D5.

    EVO SSD Search Link

    Do yourself a favor and buy 1 item per transaction in case some sales are more bullshit than others with regard to earning cashback on sale prices.

    30% cash back promo is also for Walmart (toys only, other categories lower) and Groupon (again, some categories more than others).

    Slickdeals.net has a decent exclusion/possibly working list.
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    I think it's dead now. I was going to browse some stuff after lunch but when I click on it now, it's down to 1% from the 30% before.