911 Drones to the Cardiac Rescue


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May 18, 1997
They next time you are lying on the ground clutching your chest in agony, and here that loud buzz, it could just be a defibrillator drone coming to save your life (autoplay video warning), you fat bastard! Well, the drone is not going to actually defib you, but it will deliver a kit to your location so you can have someone else with zero training hit you with up to 1000 volts of electricity in order to get your overstressed heart back in the race. Then when the drone is done there, it can go back to delivering pizza...to get you closer to your next defib experience. Thanks DooKey

A start-up called Flirtey delivers pizzas, Slurpees and other sundries by drone. But now the company is embarking on lifesaving work as a medical courier in the U.S.

Flirtey has formed a partnership with REMSA Health, a provider of ambulance and emergency health services in the state of Nevada. Flirtey and REMSA plan to dispatch a drone to deliver a portable defibrillator whenever a 911 caller in the area reports symptoms of cardiac arrest.

J.W. Hodge, REMSA's chief of operations for health care, said they hope to reach patients in less time than it would take an ambulance to cut through traffic.
A similar drone was shown off in Sweden (or around there) 2 years back. So it's not a new idea.

The reason no-one is doing this here in the states is simply because of the FAA regulations. Mainly, can't fly over people, and must maintain LoS. So this is PR for an idea that came years before but can't be legally done (just like a bunch of the other delivery ideas).


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