8800gts display problems


Aug 3, 2005
i recently built a new computer and decided to use my monitor from my old pc which is the acer al2223w along with me new 8800gts card. on my old computer the screen looked prefect but with the new 800gts websites on the net tend to be blurry and alot of the icons on my desktop the names of them are kinda blurry as well. i uninstalled the drivers and let windows default to plug and play and everything is normal and there is no blurriness, i decided to reinstall an older set of drivers for the card again and once again it goes back to blurry, is there anyway to fix this or should i just uninstall the drivers and let it be using plug and play.


Limp Gawd
May 6, 2007
There is a problem with the 8800 GTS drivers in Windows XP in which it does not display some resolutions correctly.

Try this:

1. NVIDIA Control Panel > Display > Manage custom timings.
2. Click both "Treat as HDTV" and "Allow modes not exposed by the display"
3. Click [Create...]
4. Under Custom display mode values:
Horizontal desktop pixels: (Example: 1440)
Vertical desktop lines: (Example: 900
GDI Refresh rate: (max supported by your monitor at desired resolution)
Bits per pixel: 32
(don't have "Interlaced" checked)
5. Click [Advanced >>]
6. Under "Back-end parameters":
Timing standard: DMT
Desired refresh rate: (max supported by your monitor at desired resolution)
(the rest of the fields are grayed out)
7. Under "Front-end paramers"
Scaling type: Display (none)
8. Click [Test]
9. Click [OK]