8700k CM Evo 212 and Asus prime Z370-P ghetto rig


May 31, 2003
Hey guys. I am ghettoing it up with this powerspec pre built desktop from Microcenter. First time I have bought a prebuilt desktop and I am making the best of it. The motherboard is a Asus prime Z370p. My cooling is a coolermaster evo 212 and the cpu is an 8700k. What I wanted to know was with this cooler what mhz do you think I can decently overclock to?

Also I haven't oc'ed a processor in awhile. Is there any motherboard settings that are pretty much set it and forget it to get to 4.7? I don't want to fry the cpu but changing vcore and stuff I am fine with but I am just not sure what motherboard settings I need to mess with exactly to start oc'ing this thing. I don't want to get to technical into this. That is why I am looking for the quick and dirty way to 4.7.

Can you guys help me out?


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Apr 13, 2017
It's fairly easy today, and on certain boards it's as easy as changing the multiplier alone; on my EVGA Z370 Classified it auto adjusts voltage to accommodate the overclock (vcore and memory controller), through my testing the auto voltage set it at the exact same voltage I used when finding the stable overclock, so it seems to work well, though ymmv.

You're likely fine to do 4.7 on a 212, though it may not be enough for full AVX loads with a 0 AVX offset, you'll have to do some testing with it. I had a 212 on a Xeon 2176g (8700k equivalent) and it would do around 75-80c under AVX load at the stock 4.3GHz, so 4.7 may not make it on AVX loads.


Nov 3, 2018
also lookat the fan profiles and I actually bought the same one back in august and did not want the hastle of building another one at prices at the time. I run mine 5.0 @ 1.325 no avx offset but with xmp ram 3000 added another 16 gig to it and it runs 3400 at xmp, I have also added 2 1tb nvme blacks and have since just replaced the 2070ti with a 2080ti.. I have had this 5.235 at 1.375 but the temps starts to get up there with the evo....easiest way to get 4.7 set voltage at 1.325 on cpu manually set all cores to the same 47 multi and with 0 avx and then go down to full performance and set manually also set xmp and set the speed to 3400 or 3200 even if its 3000 mines does 3400 no problems on this board with 32 gig yours might differ a little bit on the ram try 3200 and if it works bump up..
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