850W PSU recommendations for i7-8700k and 2080ti, going to 3080 or RX 6900 XT later


Dec 11, 2010
Hey guys,

My current rig has an enermax 500W PSU that after 12 years of service seems to be struggling to cope with my 2080ti under load. The video goes black and fans on the card spin at 100%, but the computer still works as the audio keeps playing.

Anyway I've been researching all weekend and it seems 850W would be a good number for the possible next 5-10 years running a mid/high end CPU and high end single GPU, TBH I was surprised myself when I checked the receipt of my enermax going for 12 years strong, and just now seems to be struggling.

My budget is £130-200, which was leading me to the following models, all of them 850W
  1. Corsair RM or RMx
    1. I read a bit that the RM have cheap fan and caps
    2. I saw a few different versions from 2018/19/20, but nowhere says the differences if there any any improvements. Can you really improve a PSU on a year basis?
  2. EVGA SuperNova G5
    1. Likely to be made by superflower?
    2. Some reviews are reporting loud fan under load
  3. Asus ROG Strix
    1. RGB and other crap that I don't like/need. I'm just after performance
    2. Seems to be made by Seasonic and have good performance
  4. Seasonic
    1. I can't find any difference among these models, their website is either being DDOS or have their cloudfare service screwing things up from traffic originating from the UK. I can't access the damn thing for the last 2 days
    2. Seasonic Focus PX 850
    3. Seasonic PRIME GX 850
    4. Seasonic PRIME PX 850
  5. Fractal Design Ion+ Platinum 860P
  6. NZXT E850
  7. be quiet! DARK POWER PRO 11 850
I was reding some articles talking about digital/analogue control/monitoring of a PSU, but I can't see if it is actually anything beneficial or just gimmick. Ideally I would like to buy a latest model that has as many technological advancements as possible instead of buying something that has been on the market for several years as I've seen with some Corsair models.

What do you guys recommend me? Any other models that you would suggest and why?


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Jul 19, 2013
You don't need the prime. The Seasonic 850 focus is really good and significantly cheaper. Hell I would even drop down to the focus gx. The platinum rating means very little. Of you have the money to burn then go for the Seasonic prime.
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Dec 11, 2010
I ended up going for the Focus GX, it seems it is a newer model from the Focus Plus. Not sure where I saw the information as I was reading until late Sunday, but the focus GX may be the same as the prime from a couple of years ago. The 850W is out opf stock everywhere so I pre ordered it from Scan in the UK for £120