$800 Gaming Rig


Limp Gawd
Apr 29, 2002
A friend of mine wants me to help him build a new machine. His budget is $800, but he said he could possibly go to $900 if really necessary. Hes already got a monitor, keyboard, mouse, and so on. All he needs is the box. Any good reccomendations? Id like to try and get him a 6800nu in there, and definately 1 gig of ram. He mentioned hed like to play doom3 and his wife wants to run the Sims 2 when it comes out. Thanks in advance for the help!
I'd rather go with the mushkin since it's cheaper

but here's my system I just put together for a friend:

basic case, might want to get a different one - $23

Lite-On 52X32X52 cd rw drive - $28.50

Sony floppy drive - $10

80gb, 7200rpm, 8mb cache WD HDD - $69

Corsair PC3200 ram - $156 for two sticks

Shuttle AN35N-Ultra mobo - $58

Thermaltake 420W PSU - $38

AMD Athlon XP 3000+ - $162

eVGA GeForce 6800 - $283

Comes out to $826.50, probably like around 850 after shipping. If you want to reduce the costs for anything (like a different case or something), you could save $10 by getting the RAM mentioned above (first reply) since it's $5 cheaper. but I like Corsair a lot
You could also leave out the floppy since you don't need them that much, and if you do they're easy to borrow out of another system. Only reason why it isn't an Athlon 64 system is because the mobo's cost a lot more. the AN35N is awesome for socket A and has a great price.
I like the option with the amd64. Definately better for gaming. only thing really missing though is a quality power supply. Id hate to put all this together and have a cheapo ps take down his new system.
The reason I went Athlon XP was because the mobo was half the price of an Athlon 64
ChingChang said:
The reason I went Athlon XP was because the mobo was half the price of an Athlon 64

Yeah, I would go with the 6800GT and a Mobile XP chip, and overclock the hell outta it...
Personally I don't think overclocking a computer for a costomer is very good. If the processor dies in a month or two, or their house heats up and the computer freezes up and turns off(or worse), do you reallly want to be responsible for that? Get the best stock processor, memory, motherboard, vga you can. ManVannon's suggestion looks good, and it should play games well.
ChingChang said:
Still needs a case and power supply though

budget about 100 dollars for a quality set of those 2, or accept a little less and go dumpster diving for the case and budget 50 for the power supply. (enermax and such.. good cheap high power ps's)