7th Annual BOINC Pentathlon (2016)

The Pentathlon currently has 3 projects going. Rosetta is only for less than a day left. The other 2 projects ~2 days left. So we are at the end of this challenge. However, in about 4 days the next segment of the PrimeGrid challenge series will be upon us. I will post about it tomorrow when I've got more time.
This is a well known "dirty strategy" that has already being discussed in this forum many times now and in the past. I've a couple of Universe WUs completed on Jun 12 and they are not being validated after 5 days. Why? Because some !@#$%^& either forgot to abort the WUs, or this part of the strategy (hoarding or bunker dump?) or for what ever reason.

Anyway whoever owns computer number 40855, please be kind to this small contributor here.

For those who are interested, please read on....
This is pertaining to this WU in question. Computer 41906 is mine awaiting validation result form computer 40855.

If you click on computer 40855, (owner is anonymous. Hmm, I wonder why?), there are 512 tasks and last contact was Jun 13. Wow. So the project is halted or computer is being shutdown or whatever.

If you click on the 512 hyperlinked tasks (2 lines above the last contact date), you will see the screenshot below showing 256 tasks in progress. Click on any one of the Work unit for details and I've checked about a dozen of them and all the 256 pending tasks are waiting for that computer 40855 to complete these WUs to validate their result and get the points they deserved.
I know there is nothing much that I can do, so I just wanted to share my first experience in this pentathlon race.

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Yup, thats a bunker waiting to happen. Gather a bunch of units. Wait til the other half is completed then all work that PC does gets credit right at the end.
Looks like we finished in 15th over all. Great job guys. Hopefully next year will be much smoother considering more reliable projects will be available.
I also forgot to post this when Rosetta was announced

List of project suggestions:

  • 15 votes for theSkyNet POGS [⇒ chosen for City Run] (Anguillian Pirates, BOINC.Italy, BOINC@Pfalz, Crunching@EVGA, L'Alliance Francophone, LITOMYSL, ngb:setiteam, OcUK - Overclockers UK, Overclock.net, Planet 3DNow!, SETI.Germany, TeAm AnandTech, Team China, The Scottish Boinc Team, TitanesDC)
  • 11 votes for Collatz Conjecture* (BOINC@MIXI, BOINC@Pfalz, BOINCstats, L'Alliance Francophone, LITOMYSL, Overclock.net, SETI.USA, SETIKAH@KOREA, TeAm AnandTech, Team China, UK BOINC Team)
  • 11 votes for POEM@HOME* (Anguillian Pirates, BOINC.Italy, BOINC@MIXI, Crunching@EVGA, Crystal Dream, Gridcoin, Planet 3DNow!, SETI.Germany, Team 2ch, The Scottish Boinc Team, [H]ard|OCP)
  • 11 votes for Universe@home [⇒ chosen for Swimming] (Anguillian Pirates, BOINC Confederation, BOINC.Italy, BOINC@Poland, Gridcoin, Meisterkuehler.de Team, Overclock.net, Rechenkraft.net, SETI.USA, The Scottish Boinc Team, Ukraine)
  • 10 votes for Asteroids@home* (AMD Users, BOINC@Poland, Crystal Dream, LITOMYSL, OcUK - Overclockers UK, Planet 3DNow!, Russia Team, SETIKAH@KOREA, TeAm AnandTech, TitanesDC)
  • 9 votes for PrimeGrid [⇒ chosen for Cross Country] (BOINC@MIXI, BOINC@Pfalz, BOINCstats, Czech National Team, Rechenkraft.net, SETI.USA, Team 2ch, TeAm AnandTech, UK BOINC Team)
  • 9 votes for Rosetta@home [⇒ chosen for Sprint] (BOINC@Poland, Czech National Team, L'Alliance Francophone, Planet 3DNow!, SETI.Germany, Team 2ch, TitanesDC, Ukraine, [H]ard|OCP)
  • 8 votes for MilkyWay@home (BOINC.Italy, Crunching@EVGA, Crystal Dream, Raccoon Lovers, Russia Team, Team China, UK BOINC Team, Ukraine)
  • 6 votes for Cosmology@Home (Anguillian Pirates, OcUK - Overclockers UK, Raccoon Lovers, Russia Team, SETI.USA, The Scottish Boinc Team)
  • 6 votes for SETI@home (BOINC@MIXI, ngb:setiteam, Raccoon Lovers, SETIKAH@KOREA, Team 2ch, Team China)
  • 6 votes for SRBase (AMD Users, BOINC Confederation, BOINCstats, Czech National Team, L'Alliance Francophone, Meisterkuehler.de Team)
  • 5 votes for Enigma@Home (BOINC Confederation, BOINC@Poland, Meisterkuehler.de Team, ngb:setiteam, SETIKAH@KOREA)
  • 4 votes for Moo! Wrapper (AMD Users, Meisterkuehler.de Team, Overclock.net, Raccoon Lovers)
  • 3 votes for ATLAS@Home (Gridcoin, OcUK - Overclockers UK, Rechenkraft.net)
  • 3 votes for Citizen Science Grid [Marathon] (AMD Users, BOINC@Pfalz, SETI.Germany)
  • 3 votes for DENIS@Home (BOINC Confederation, Crunching@EVGA, Ukraine)
  • 3 votes for GPUGRID (TitanesDC, UK BOINC Team, [H]ard|OCP)
  • 3 votes for NumberFields@home (Gridcoin, LITOMYSL, [H]ard|OCP)
  • 2 votes for SAT@home (Crystal Dream, Russia Team)
  • 2 votes for vLHCathome (BOINCstats, Rechenkraft.net)
  • 1 vote for NFS@Home (Czech National Team)

* The project administrator of Collatz Conjecture is on vacation during the Pentathlon and recommended not to run a discipline at his project while the server is unattended. According to its administrator, new workunits for POEM@HOME's GPU application are based on the reported results, hence new work cannot be loaded on demand in case it has run dry. Therefore, Rosetta@home is the Sprint project (Quorum 1). Because Asteroids@home was on an open-ended maintenance break at the time the projects were chosen, PrimeGrid is the Cross Country project
There is absolutely no explanation why CSG got chosen over Milkyway@home. This does not sit well with me as it makes our votes pointless if you aren't going to honor them.
Many thanks to all the [H]ard|OCP contributors during the "grueling" pentathlon. My apology if I missed anyone out or if the position order is not accurate. I based this on BOINCstats.
In each event is the list of participating members with credits (in descending order). Hope to see you all again in the eight BOINC pentathlon scheduled on 5/5/2017.

We had good turn outs in the Rosetta event, finishing at respectable 9th.

Thanks for that, pututu!

Stuff like this is why I nominated you for DCOTM this month. Good luck! Go talk some smack in the voting thread! :D
Thanks pututu. As RFGuy said, this kind of thing is needed here.
Thanks for that, pututu!

Stuff like this is why I nominated you for DCOTM this month. Good luck! Go talk some smack in the voting thread! :D
I'm truly honored and humbled to be nominated. Joining the [H]ard|OCP team and participating in the challenges is fun and at the same time learning about DC and the hardware. Contributing to science is one of my primary reasons too. I actually started DC back in late 2011, occasionally folding for team Hunt-Dis under pututu_2011. Had enough of folding and decided to move on to BOINC. I remember [H]ard|OCP was at number one in folding with CPU back in those days. Lots of respect to you all. I hope we can bring back the glory in the CPU crunching in the next pentathlon.
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Your contributions are well noted pututu. I would have voted for you, but I nominated the other guy, hehe. I've been focused on folding for a long time, but I did just join a couple of servers. They have a total of 3 Xeon E5-2620 version 1s. Two in the first server, 1 in the second. If someone has a chance to look at my stats and tell me if that's typical output for those procs, I'd appreciate it. I'm gonna have to be a passive contributor at this point because I don't have a lot of time, but if someone wants me to direct the efforts towards other projects that we're competing in, just shoot me a link for configuration for that project and I'll aim them in that direction. Just send me a PM, I don't get e-mails for the forum posts. Thanks guys, glad to be a part of the team.