7800 gtx vs. nvidia quadro 1400 for rendering


Limp Gawd
Aug 14, 2005
Which card would be better for a workstation? I'm building a computer for my brother and I have a spare 7800 gtx. I was wondering if I would be able to just use that instead of getting him the quadro. He'll mostly be doing photoshop but may doing some 3d work as well. So far I've given him my X2 4800, 4 gigs of pc3200, and a A8NSLI-Deluxe.
i wouldn't bother buying a different card unless he's going to be doing serious rendering, even then, 3D rendering isn't dependent on your GPU, its more in tune with how much RAM you have as well as the number of CPU's and their speed. if he's just using a computer for photoshop, you've given him more than enough ... and if he has to do some designing in a 3D rendering program, i'm sure he'll be alright as well.
Which 3D software? Which one is important. Maya wants a Quadro/FireGL/etc., but 3DS Max is ok with Direct 3D for example.

Of course, since you've already got the 7800, you might as well just start with that and see how it does unless the 3D software simply doesn't support it.