75" LG LED TV - 75UJ657V as PC monitor - how to setup (clear fonts and good FPS)

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    I decided to put short info here so that others don't waste time like I did to make this LG TV more PC friendly. I don't use any windows scaling feature so I really care that small fonts are clear and the FPS is as on my 4K desk monitor (Philips 40").

    Since this model is not so well known (UK and EU market), I dare to guess that according manufacture year (Apr 2018) that this model might be a successor of one of these : 75UH6550 (2017), 65UJ7700 (2016) since it has same tech specs. So now according the "lag list" link here this TV must be a lot faster and sharper when connected to PC.

    - Main problem - the low framerate in game benchmarks 32 fps while my monitor was giving average 60 fps
    - Other problem - unclear white text on black background; example is command line window, fonts were half white/yellow, unclear edges.

    - remote control "settings" -> "general" -> HDMI 1 -> "(ultra HD) deep color" -> disable it ( this improves framerate ! )

    (2) CHAGES ON THE PC (nvidia control panel)
    nvidia CP -> Display -> Change resolution -> (select your TV, not your pc monitor) -> section 3 has settings:
    RGB output color format ( this improves font and edge clarity - don't use CYbCr444,442,420 but only RGB )

    That's it. Input lag was horrific half of second, now it's decent. Fonts are clear. FPS as on my Philips.
    Hope this helps someone


    PS: - Irrelevant settings on the TV (frustrated I wasted my time hoping they will change anything):
    - the "GAME" preset picture settings are the best for me. However no clarity/framerate gain/loss using any other predefined setting (e.g. HDR, sport, blah blah, it's just contrast, brightness, warmth settings that LG plays with)
    - Renaming "HDMI 1" input to "PC" is no of consequence to clarity/framerate
    - Power saving is irrelevant clarity/framerate (it just lowers backlight).
    - Comfort eye settings (bluish picture) is irrelevant too. It only changes warmth of colors.

    Irrelevant settings on Nvidia CP on the PC
    - "output dynamic range" full or limited, both give same blacks and whites. I don't see any difference. I use Limited as technically it should be correct.

    Some remarks:
    - menu items on the TV sometimes are confusing, it's hard to know what is "on", "off", "enabled" or "disabled", but, if your TV is slow just change ultradeep settings to the opposite and check your nvidia panel to use RGB.
    - I dislike local dimming backlight thing on these TVs. There is a way disabling it (using IR enabled phone and an app, or a special remote control) but for now I am good.

    - two magnified images taken by phone, 10 and 40 cm away from the TV
    - 3rd image is dos box on taken on Philips monitor to show how TV and monitor quality got close after changing these settings.

    Images are taken freehand, so some camera shaking happened. sorry for that.

    DOS BOX on TV
    A photo from greater distance, general impression of the TV as monitor
    DOS BOX on Philips monitor to compare with the 1st one.
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    I notice in your picture you have selected 4096x2160 (true 4K) whereas the monitor (and likely the TV as you can see the word Native) was likely in 16:9 4K which is 3840x2160. Have you tried this resolution? I could see this impacting both your FPS & clarity.


    I just noticed you fixed this problem, but it's still odd to me you have a higher resolution selected.
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    75" 4K monitor? NICE. Break out the Civilization!