6x 1080 Founders cards listed as coming soon on Newegg

I know Asus voltage locked my 7970s at the time, DirectCU II. Kinda a bummer. I'd watchout for that.

Yes, the 980 and 980ti Strix ended up being the most voltage locked cards from any AIBs. Not sure what happened, but I'm guessing Nvidia forced them to change the hardware to block it for some reason. Note that these cards come with voltage reads point AND solder points explicitly for attaching variable resistors. I duly did all the soldering only to find the voltage controller had been hardwired to ignore this! vMem and vRref could be adjusted just fine, but not vGPU.

So yeah, I'm only biting on an Asus if and when Kingpin et al confirm the voltage isn't hard-locked this time!

I'm hoping the total lack of competition this round will mean nvidia won't be so motivated to clamp down on this since there's currently no higher product to protect.
My local BB had 2 NVIDIA 970s, 3 EVGA 970s, 1 NVIDIA 980 Ti, and 2 NVIDIA 1080s on the shelf when I went there to buy a new mouse on Saturday.
I've seen 970s but never anything over that. I wouldn't classify a 970 as high end though either. The 980Ti and 1080 yes but not a 970.
Newegg has the 1080's in stock at least once a day for 10 minutes or so. they have the Asus in stock as I type this.

I'm waiting for something non founders edition with 2 8pin power hookup. Going to throw waterblocks on them. AIB version with waterblocks already installed would be great. I just might not have the patience.
Many of the Fry's location have stock almost daily now (between one of the stores). Local to me has had Asus card stocked for 2 days now. Maybe people have finally stopped being dumb and paying for these things. I would bet they pushed AIB cards back due to the sales rate of the FE cards.
Wonder how much the Titan will be down under. :)


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