6870 CFX, Voltage Unlock on one card, but not the other. Why?


Sep 10, 2004
Having an Issue with the Voltage Control/Adjustment in Afterburner. When I select GPU1 the Core Voltage (mv) slider bar is there and I can adjust the voltage, but when I switch over to GPU2 the bar is greyed out. I'm pretty sure that GPU2 is staying at stock voltage because when I tried out 1025/1200 on both GPUs, during 3DMark 11 I had 99% usage on both cards then all of a sudden I see GPU2s usage drop to 30 and thats when 3DMark froze. I think its due to having too high of an OC on stock voltage and the card can't handle it. Both cards run just fine on 1020/1185. Also, I know that one of the cards is staying at stock voltage because when I run Kombustor GPU1 is at 1.175 VDDC and GPU2 is at 1.2 VDDC (Not sure why the GPU #s are switched between kombustor and afterburner, but one is stock nontheless).. Would like a little more out of them if I can fix this issue. Within Afterburner I made sure that Unlock voltage control, Unlock voltage monitoring & Force constant voltage are checked under both GPUs.

Any ideas why Core Voltage control is greyed out on the second gpu in afterburner?