6800 Ultra, 6x.xx drivers, Planetside and UT04...


Sep 11, 2004
Ok, after many many drivers and loads of BSODs I finally realised something:
It seems that when the 6800 ultra is paired with 6x.xx drivers and unreal tournament or planetside (those only games it seems to happen on) you sometimes get BSOD when alt tabbing to windows.
I first thought that this problem was caused by my bios, so I flashed a couple different ones and it still seemed to happen, I then also tried it on a friend's 6800U and again, the same thing happened. At the moment I use 7x.xx drivers and its all good, however when I switch to 6x.xx drivers I get problems.

Ok here's where my problem gets even worse. Planetside seems to be "allergic" to 7x.xx drivers and gets texture mess-ups, real big ones when I stress GPU. The 6x.xx work better (such as 66.81s) BUT I get fookin BSOD when I alt tab to do stuff.

Anyone have this happen to them? Anyone know of *stable* 7x.xx drivers with planetside?