64bit of 32bit Vista ultimate?


Limp Gawd
Aug 25, 2005
I am thinking about going for Vista very soon as nvidia is finalyl releasing a drive for the 7950gx2.

Should I go 32 bit or 64bit? Can I plan any new pc games on 64 bit OS? I don't play anything old and don't expect to. Does stuff like daemon tools, avg antivirus, nero burnning software all work on 64 bit OS?


Fully [H]
Mar 24, 2000
Mandatory "which version should I get* daily thread fulfilled.

Only you can really answer this question. You need to check into driver availability for all of your hardware, and app compatibility for all of your software. Only you know what all you have and use, so do some research and make your decision. There's no harm in going with 32 bit right now, especially if you have a compatibility issue.

The Cobra

Jun 19, 2003
I just upgraded from XP Home to Vista Ultimate 32-bit. The 64-bit DVD came with it as well. SO I will just ride 32 bit for another 6 months until the drivers have matured and 64-bit becomes more widely accepted.

Nvidia released the drivers over the weekend and that is when I bought VIsta. The upgrade was pretty smooth. Of course there are programs that are non-working, I upgraded some, did away with the rest.

I like Vista so far...but the drivers def have to mature. My SLI seems to be working with my 7800's. But HL2 Episode 1 is still giving me problems. Major stuttering.