640 x 200 B.W. LCD Display w/ backlight


Jul 10, 2004
"Here we have a full case of 15 large 640 x 200 B.W. Graphic LCD Display with backlights. Made by Epson part #P3000 13100, these were made for an IBM laptop computer. They feature a 20 pin edge connector, various IC's, a 10.8" x 4" active area and a slide pot for contrast control. These are brand new in factory packaging. They are similar to the Epson EG7001. Prime - top quality."







can you help me to know more details about this lcd!! is there any possibility to connect this to my computer? where can i find software to this BIG lcd??

i think this is the specs from the controller is this: http://easybasic.co.kr/bank/download/lcd/lcd-manu/sed1180.pdf
is there any SED1190's on the board? each of those chips is essentially the display buffer.
there should be another chip that drives all those 1180's, most likely a 1190 or similar chip:

it looks like it takes a parallel input because it seems the controller is onboard (a good thing) however, the question is what is the main controller.
it may be possible to make your own program and wire this up to the parallel port (however the parallel port seems it won't have enough outputs)
but all this depends on the onboard controller.
the 1180/1190 are segment drivers...

those are not controllers... keep looking ;)

look for another SED chip, like a SED1330 or SED1333 etc... those are controllers... definately interested in one if it has a usable controller
bleh, i just glanced over the spec sheets. :p. i knew that some sed chips were controllers... and it doesn't help that we dont have a model number of the screens, or even a FCC id or something...
I mean pic of the model number and such, also if you can see what is under that metal plate without breaking anything.
the lcd's didn't arrive yet, but when they get here i'll tell you more details. tkx

edit: i heard that this might have the sed1190. is this bad? what is the controller to control sed1180 and 1190?
Well, the pics show quite a few 1180 chips, so I believe you've heard wrongly.

And it doesn't really matter, both chips do essentially the same things... Nevertheless: Put me down for one of those babies, they sem to be just what I need.

EDIT: This might be the thing, has a sliding pot in the lower right corner... http://home.nikocity.de/woe/lcd/g648d.pdf
they have 1180 and also the 1190 chips, probably one as the specs in the pdf shows.
if there are no other chips on the display it dosent have a controller, if you REALLY want to drive it you can make a controller circuit... good luck, ive only heard of one person actually making one and getting it to work
i dont remember where it was from, it might have been @ lcdstuio's forums or perhaps liquidmp3's site... not sure...

i believe they added a SED1330 controller to a display similar to that one...

there are SED1330 controller boards already made that you should be able to wire up easily... but iirc they are pretty expensive...
so really, we'll hafta wait and see. if it has the SED1330 builtin then really it shouldn't be too much of a problem wiring it up. if not then good luck.
if you can find a program to run these things then pm me, I would love to buy one for furture project. But i hav eenough lcds/vfds laying around that do not have any suported programs. anyone want to buy a vfd or lcd :D

umm, how bout you guys wait until he can find a way to hook them up before ya start asking him for them, he didn't even say if he wanted to sell them or not so its kinda rude to assume he will.

Crberops: more pics of the back would help, specifically of ALL the chips on the back (besides the 1180's)
the lcd aren't mine, sorry to make you notice now!! the owner of the lcd's bought them on ebay to sell them in portugal(they aren't here yet). the lcd's currently have all owners, however, in case we couldn't wire it to any port it's probably that you can get some. i don't know if i can post here the link were we are talking about it, but it's in portuguese :p . we are also asking for help here: http://www.lcdstudio.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=3165#3165 where you can ask directly to the owner.

we also find alot pdf's of lcd's that looks pretty the same.
the forum where all started: http://www.aquapc.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=23243&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=0

tkx for your help
Hi all,
I need help with LCD as well.

I have some that is very similar to those photos. The part# is P-300013900 from Epson, which I believe is same series from the one shown in above photos. Mine has 5 SMD chips on board. 1 E-1330BA (I think it's same as SED1330BA), 4 SED1190F5A.

Any idea that I could get a datasheet for it?

Thanks & regards.