5800U vs Core i7-1185G7


Apr 11, 2005
my handheld with the 1165G7 will hopefully show in a couple of months. Curious to see how well it performs.


Supreme [H]ardness
Jun 9, 2003
Overall looking pretty good. I'm a little disappointed that despite the newest Zen3 cores in Cezanne mobile/embedded APUs, they still use Vega graphics cores as opposed to Navi. Still, at this level you're not really depending on GPU performance for significant gaming so despite Iris XE doing as well as it does (which I'm a bit surprised, actually. I knew it was better than the garbage of the Intel HD graphics when it came to 3D performance, I didn't think it would really compete with AMD APUs .), its more important to take advantage of the high level of performance in the CPU with its 8c/16t, and be sure that the GPU can handle high end 2D needs (ie video playback and decoding for X265 and other new codecs, smooth desktop performance etc) and some occasional lower res gaming, emulation, or the like. Those who need more, can look for an eGPU solution.

I'm pretty sure I'm going to be looking for a NUC / 4x4 / nanoITX motherboard with a 5800U for an upcoming "cyberdeck" build project. I've not yet seen this chip available either as a motherboard or a NUC-style box yet, but I hope it arrives soon. In any case, I really wish they would have spec'd these for PCI-E 4.0 lane bandwidth or if they were at least PCI-E 3.0 x16 data wise, but I'm sure it will be pretty great overall compared to most other sub-mITX configurations.