5.5Ghz OC on a 5800X3d

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Jun 15, 2005
CPU-Z validated 5.5Ghz 5800X3D found here. It appears that AMD maybe holding out on an OC bios and it may see the light of day soon.

However, it seems like there is a special overclocking BIOS that's been kept under wraps by AMD though we are hearing that this BIOS is expected to be released by certain board makers very soon. Whether or not this BIOS unchains forced locks imposed by AMD on overclocking is another question and just to be sure, overclocking the Ryzen 7 5800X3D will void its warranty since the CPU. I think the BIOS will come in handy for overclockers who want to break some records with the chip.
via Wccftech
They did not want to ruin Zen 4 launch even more with this CPU, as is it was recommended by almost everyone due to price/performance being the best at this time.