4k 60 hz tv with hdr not recognized using dp to hdmi cable


Limp Gawd
Apr 28, 2005
I recently acquired an LG c2 42 inch TV to use as a monitor. I thought to use my older 40 inch 60 hz vizio tv as a second monitor but I'm having some issues.
The c2 works fine running GSync at up to 120hz with hdr using a 8k60hz/4k120hz hdmi cable from the the hdmi out of my gigabyte 3080 12g.

Problem - The vizio will not run with HDR active when using a DP to hdmi cable. I put this down to the cable not quite being up to running hdr. I could tolerate this but even with hdr disabled the second monitor is not being activated on system boot/reboot (win11).
The only way to activate the second monitor is to open display properties after OS boot and cycle hdr on then off (or cycle refresh rate away from then back to 60hz). Anyone know what's causing this and/or a simple way to bypass this problem? Maybe a command line running as a scheduled task?