4930k overclocked temps?


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Aug 16, 2004
I am just wanting to get an idea of what temps people are seeing on their 4930k CPUs when overclocked.

The reason I am asking this is because I am seeing 80-81c on Prime95 small FFT test at only 1.2v at 4.5GHz. This is with using a Noctua NH-D14

I would like:
1. Test used
2. Temps
3. Voltage
4. Cooler
ok, so nobody has a 4930k? I highly doubt that.

It seems that Diamond IC7 may have a break in period of a few heat/cool cycles. Now getting 73c on P95 small FFTs instead of the 80-81c.

Still can't seem to get stable over 4.5Ghz though.

I have a 4930K running on an X79S-UP5 with two GTX660Ti's in SLI which I use mainly for BF3/BF4, cooler is similar to yours as its a Thermalright SilverArrow SB-E with one central fan.

In a room at 24 degrees with the cover presently off on an Antec DF-85 case I get the following voltages and temps reported with the OCCT benchmark. I set the multiplier only in the BIOS and left voltages and everything else on automatic.

Speed, volts, temps
3.4 1.05 50-55
3.7 1.12 54-59
4.0 1.19 60-64
4.2 1.20 62-67

It bluescreened at 4.3 Ghz, I could have played around with increasing additional voltages to get it to go further, but since all it did (the 800 Mhz increase) was add 5-10 FPS to the 70-90 I already get on High settings I reverted it back to stock settings of 3.4 Ghz as I presume I'm being limited by my video cards at this stage.

The temps you are getting seem to be a bit higher than I would expect but not unreasonably so, if I extrapolated mine to your 4.5 speed at the same 1.2 voltage that would mean the extra power consumption would be 45/42 more, so 66-72 degees is what I would expect, I suggest you also run OCCT so then you can compare exactly to my results as prime95 may push it harder.

Kindly note that with OC'ing generally power consumption also goes up as the square of any additional voltage increase. In your case if your talking that kind of OC I think you probably should be looking at water to get the temperature down a bit lower if that is a specific concern of yours, alternatively don't push your overclocking that high if you are going to retain your current air cooler.

In the past I have cooled my Q6600 and I7-920 with Thermalright IFX-14's but I haven't OC'd them too much, 3.2 for the first and 3.3 for the second cpu, friends of mine have used water and gotten another 200-300 Mhz out of those chips. Another reason they had to go to water was that the Q6600 SLACR would keel over once its temperature got over about 67? degrees which it did do for overclocks higher than mine, fortunately todays CPU's can go much higher and good air coolers can suffice for moderate overclocks in the 4.0 to 4.2 Ghz range.

Although the 4930K uses 68 watts less than the 3930K at 100% at default clocks, one of the main problems is that although a die shrink uses much less power overall but what happens is that the die may shrink by say e.g. 40% but power consumption only goes down by say e.g. 30%, the net effect is that power consumption has actually gone up when you consider the square area of the actual cpu itself so what you may find is that the cooler can adequately dispense the total amount of heat produced once the cpu's heat spreader offloads it, BUT in the cpu itself its a lot more localised leading to higher temperatures until it reaches thermal equilibribium with the heat spreader, I first noticed this when two of my friends replaced their Q6600's with die shrunk Q9450's and the first thing they asked me was "If this new CPU uses less power then why is it running about 5 degrees hotter?" and its probably due to this reason I have given you.

Hope this helps somewhat.

Thanks for the reply.

I had a Q6600 and an i7-920, both of which I overclocked.

On air, I was able to get 3.84Ghz with the Q6600 and 4.2Ghz with the i7-920.

With my old i7-3820, I was able to get 4.9Ghz on air.

Ive actually been overclocking hardware since the 80386 days. This chip just acts quite a bit different than previous chips.

The temps when I first set it at 4.5 just seemed high compared to what I was seeing elsewhere, but most people were not listing what cooling they were using.
Hail, fellow old guy. I was the first kid on his block to crank his 386DX from 25 up to 33!

Nice! My first computer I owned that I overclocked was a 386sx 25 that I bumped up to 33. My first overclocking experience was a friend's 486 25. I noticed a jumper on the board that said 25 and 33 mhz. Turned the computer off, and put the jumper on 33mhz. Have been hooked since.

Then, I had a 386 DX 40.. Think I bumped it up at some point but don't remember what to.

The next was a 486 DX2-66 that I ran at 80. I ended up modding a jumper onto the front of the case so I could switch it since it wasn't completely stable in everything.

Then I had a DX4-100 that I ran at 120 or 133.

Then a 5x86 133 that I ran at 160.

Sheesh... How do I remember all this?
cyclone3d: You sure are bringing back memories. I had a Gateway 386 DX33 and bought the AMD 386 DX 40 to "speed it up"!