48 Port Gigabit Switch Suggestions...

Jul 9, 2001
Hello all!

I’m currently in the market for a level 2 switch that is fully managed (not totally sure I’d need a level 3 switch at this point, all my vlans are routed through my pfSense box), and has a few other requirements.

48 Port Gigabit Switch Requirements:

1. Quiet - Fans are ok, but I’d like them to be silent or near silent, even under load.

2. Low Power - POE/POE+ is NOT required, so this switch needs/can be as low power idle/load/heat as possible.

3. Fully Managed - Level 2 Minimum - I run several vlans on my network (WiFi/Cameras/Wired/Guest) which is routed through my pfSense box. I don’t THINK I need a Level 3 switch at this time, but maybe so? Maybe I need to change my setup with a Level 3 switch to increase throughput?

Currently I’m eyeballing the HP/Aruba 2530-48G.

I have not heard one in person, so I don’t know how quiet it is, but I’ve been told it’s very quiet.

Any help is appreciated. Budget is less than $1,000.