4770k, 1.5kw silverstone modular, 760w platinum modular, Asus itx Maximus IV more!!!

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Firesale on everything remaining, gotta get this stuff gone else I will likely get tempted to build another box

Prices are obo. I don't want to haggle too much but I know a low ball offer when I see it. I'm moving away from gaming for a while and more into software. This hardware is just sitting and not being used. It needs a good home.
Corsair 900D not pictured but in great condition. Would prefer to do this local. I'm in the 97203 area. 
[SIZE="5"]Asking 200 local. Or 250 [b] shipped[/b][/SIZE].

[size=4]PSU #1
Silverstone 1.5kw psu with cables for one video card. I was using his in a 
itx setting so I am not sure where the other cables are.  
Fan makes an audible low speed noise that isn't annoying just audible. It's hard to explain. 
It was powering a setup that was only drawing maybe 150 w so that could be it. [/size]
[SIZE="5"]Asking 200 (was 250) plus shipping[/SIZE].[/size]

[SIZE="4"]Asus Maximus VI impact Z87 with retail box and most accessories. 
Even have the wifi antennae that goes with it. [SIZE="5"]Asking 165 shipped[/SIZE][/SIZE]

[SIZE="4"]Dell 2724 managed switch layer 2 I think [SIZE="5"]asking 75 plus shipping[/SIZE] - Free with the 900D!!![/SIZE]

I check my private messages pretty regularly

You can also message me at Alexandar dot narayan at gmail dot com

Or send an iMessage to Alex dot narayan at me dot com for texts

Pictures incoming.

Images can be seen here. link to the photos on my one drive account
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price drops on the PSUs, huge too. 1.5kw for 200 bucks! and 10 off on the seasonic.

900D for 200 bucks to a local Portlander!

or 250 shipped to the lower 48, as I anticipate it will cost 50 or so to ship, and it's got to go to a good home or else I will want to build a wicked system just to put the case to use, so selling the case cheap saves me money in the long run. I know, DIY Pc's are a drug.
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correction on the mobo it's a maximus vi impact itx board z87 retail box etc
seasonic is gone, firesale on everything else, make me an offer!
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