4-pin or 8-pin 12V

Jan 20, 2006
Greetings all,

I’ve read mixed thoughts on the topic so I wanted to check in with the folks here at the board to see what the general consensus was here. I’ve got the Hiper 580W PS which uses the 4-pin 12V rail; the MB I’m using is the eVGA 680i which uses the 8-pin 12v rail.

I’ve read on some sites that it’s no big deal to plug the 4-pin into the 8-pin header others telling me that it could potentially damage the board and either a PS running a direct 8-pin line or an adapter should be used.

Any help would be appreciated.

Fallen Out
You can plug the 4-pin ATX12V into the 8-pin EPS12V. It'll only fit one way.

Or you could get a PSU that's suited for the job :p