37" 720P (1366x768) LG 37LH20 $420 Shipped with 12.5% Bing Cashback at CompUsa


Fully [H]
Sep 6, 2002
$480 shipped minus $60 Bing cashback = $420 shipped after discount.

Native resolution = 1366 x 768. Since the resolution isn't too high i wouldn't recommend using it as your main monitor unless you have bad eyesight of course.

Link to TV: http://www.compusa.com/applications/SearchTools/item-details.asp?EdpNo=4651303

Directions for 12.5% Bing cashback at CompUsa.com

- Go to Bing.com and manually type in "Comp USA" and click enter.

- Look for, and click the 12.5% CompUsa/Bing banner ad and click it. Refresh the page a few times if you don't see it.

- Shop for the TV and checkout using that same browser window.

Now if you're interested in a similar but better TV, and willing to poney up an extra $32, then check out the 37" 720P IPS panel Panasonic L37C22 for $452 shipped at Provantage, no mail in rebates and no Bing cashback.
no, it really isn't. if "large" is your only issue then sure, but I doublt this would make a very good TV and an even worse monitor (that res at that size at monitor distance? i'd feel like I was back in gradeschool, size be damned).