353.62 - MFAA kills DirectX12 support in Windows 10


Limp Gawd
Oct 12, 2011
The 353.62 driver, the one installed during the Windows 10 rollout, has this issue. I couldn't figure out why I did not have DirectX 12 support, and was unable to run 3DMark's API test for DX12. Did multiple clean reinstalls. Finally pinpointed the culprit to MFAA. If you enable MFAA in the NVIDIA CONTROL PANEL, 3D SETTINGS, and then open DXDIAG, it will have reverted back to DirectX 11.3 (and thus unable to run the 3DMark API test). Disabling MFAA and then opening DXDIAG will show DirectX 12 once again.

Not a big deal since there are no DirectX 12 games out yet, but something that definitely needs to be addressed soon.