34" useless after windows scaling?

mista ting

Apr 13, 2006
If a 1440p 34" UltraWide is scaled up to like 150% to match the easy text readability of a 1080p 27" at default windows scaling at 100%. Would it make also make 2 windows side by side identical to the 1080p 27" due to upacaling?

The only reason I want to upgrade to 34" ultrawide 1440p is to have more viewing space when using 2 windows side by side. But if I'm to scale the windows up to 150% is that then negated?

Take a look at this video showing once a high res monitor is upscaled due to small text it then matches the same window space as a higher res monitor...

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Aug 25, 2008
Yes that's exactly what would happen. Your alternative is to keep scaling at 100% and instead increase font sizes in applications. I like to use 110% size text in most apps on a 1440p screen because I find it more comfortable to read. Also note that the higher the resolution, the smaller text you can actually read because you have the pixel density to render it in a legible way.


Jan 31, 2010
I use a 34" ultrawide (3440x1440) and to my eyes it's the same pixel pitch as the 27" 1440p I used before it. For me those pixels are big enough and there would be no point going above 100% scaling.

This is also why I think 4K at 27" is useless. For 4K you need at least 32" to have any hope of not needing scaling.

But believe me 1440p at 34", even ultrawide, you will be fine.


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Sep 24, 2001
For me, scaling is never "useless". Part of the reason to have a higher resolution display isn't just to get more stuff on the screen, it's also to have more resolution to render things like fonts, making them look more clear, crisp, sharp, and round. I personally don't think that that can be understated, which is also why I think 5k 27" is fantastic. I'd take an 8k 32" 120Hz right now if I had the hardware to drive it (not even game on it, just for desktop and productivity workflows).

Jamie Marsala

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Mar 9, 2016
I went from a 28 4k that actually was scaled at 100% and loved it. I had to scale to 125% when I got rid of my byfocal glasses. Anyway I went to at 34inch ultra wide 3440x1440 scaled at 100% and now that I have adjusted to the fact that screen is larger and text is actually larger than the 4K monitor I love it. Personally I would leave a 1440p 34 inch monitor at 100% but that is me. When I went up from 1080p to a better resolution I wanted to see more information on the screen, not to have it display the same as the old monitor it replaced. I was going to go with a 4k 34 inch monitor but wanted the higher frame rate and curved and wider screen for both games and having multiple windows open.
May 30, 2016
Personally I find 125% scaling to be comfortable with 3440x1440. If fitting more on the screen is the only reason for upgrading, I would suggest to find a way to see such a display for yourself.