32TB of windows leaked Online

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If that's windows source code that I think is the first time that has happened.

What a mess that would be.

Dont forget its the safest and most secure OS ever !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOT ................

"The folder itself was 1.2GB in size, contained 12 releases each being 100MB. This is far from the claimed “32TB” as stated in The Register’s article, and cannot possibly cover “core source code” as it would be simply too small, not to mention it is against our rules to store such data."

Fake news from a Windows hater. Does it annoy you that the linux takeover has been such a failure? Is that why we get this steady stream of stories from you that turn out to be false?
So I'm confused where it states it was a Windows 10 system protecting the source that got hacked, did I just miss that part? Or is Windows 10 weak on security because its source got stolen?
Linux is one of the most secure OS's ever and the source code for Linux is everywhere. Windows source code? [yawn]....
It's not like people have needed the source code for Windows before in order to use it's many holes to do nefarious things.
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