32gb (4x8gb) - 3600 CL16 vs 4000 CL17/18 - For Gaming

Apr 16, 2018
Your not going to see much in the way of real world improvements going from 3600 to 4000 other than benchmarks.

Either will be fine if your running a 570 or 490 mb. Samsung generally allows more timing options and micron can be better at flat out speed. Just depends on the modules you end up with.


Limp Gawd
Feb 19, 2012
If you want to take the time to OC\tweak the RAM you want Samsung b die as I suspect being quad channel you already have ample bandwidth for games but quad channel usually comes with a latency penalty and once tweaked b die will get you the lowest latency.
Any idea if your platform has a frequency wall it hits if you loosen timings?

4000c18 and 3600c16 are about equal in latency and if b die both kits would likely OC to the same level.
3600 16-16-16 is b die but the other kits may not be.
The crucial kits are likely a good bin of Micron E die while the 3600 16-19-19 kit could be Hynix.

When overclocking the CPU and tweaking RAM every little bit adds up and each step on it's own may not be noticable only measurable but put them all together and you can get a very noticeable change.