320Gb WD=...127Gb??


Limp Gawd
Feb 24, 2005
Hey guys, my friend and I just got his new system up and running. Plays BF2 on highest settings smooth as silk, but when making the partition for windows we could only select 127 Gb for the partition. Now I am well aware that harddrives are never as big as they are rated due to bad clusters and what not, but this just seems absurd.
harhar, RTFM ;D
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Our Disk Storage System Answer sticky

It is basically a limitation due to addressing issues. You need the SP1 or SP2 version of XP slipstreamed into the install to format it correctly on install, you can of course get around this in various ways, just read the sticky link
Rofl, thanks. Didn't read the stickies but read the manual which doesn't address issue, I'll foward this over to him. Again, thanks.
I just ran into the same problem. I formatted with my new 250GB maxtor drive. If I use a XP disc with SP2 and reformat will I be able to use the 250GB?
I just formated, installed SP2, then the patch which came with my maxtor drive which should let it read all 250GB, but I guess it wont since windows is on the drive. Am I totally screwed with having windows on this drive or what?
you won't get all 250GB, the 250gb is in the decimel number, and that converts to the binary number and comes down to about.. ~235 i think (i only work with 200's and that comes out to 183-187 depending on the manufacturer).
TeeJayHoward said:
It's not the "decimel" number.

Actually yes it is. Decimal is base 10. hence 1GB= 1,000,000,000 bytes.

1 binary GB is 1,073,741,824 in decimal form.

Which is why the drive formats to 232.83GB.

250,000,000,000 GB as rated by the manufacturer in decimal form.
divided by 1,073,741,824 which is how many bytes are in a binary GB

= 232.83 GB