30" t0 40" display. Monitor or TV?

Mar 31, 2020
Some background: I'm a graphic artist and spend a *lot* of time both with my day job and with my own work on the computer.
For the last several years, I've worked with a 3-monitor setup. One 30" Dell as the main, with a 24" on both the left and right of the main.

I want to upsize those side monitors and am looking for the least expensive way to go and still have decent quality.
Note that I will not be doing any gaming on these side monitors, so I'm not really worried about refresh rates or other gaming specific needs.
In fact, I don't do that much graphics work on the side monitors...they are there to display panels and reference art from the various software programs I work with.

I want to probably turn these monitors vertically and use software that splits the desktop into two regions, one above the other. (per monitor).

What I do need is sharp text. I originally thought about going with 4k tv's, but I'm concerned that text won't be as sharp, especially small text, as it would be on a monitor.
Also, I don't even know if you can rotate a standard TV vertically like you can with a monitor.
I also need VESA connectors on the back so I can use these with armed stands to keep them upright.

I am figuring that 1920 x 1024 on a 30" screen might not be enough resolution, so am leaning towards 2560 x 1440.

Any suggestions on monitors (or tv's)?
I'm a writer and have been using TVs as monitors since 2015. I think text is very crisp and clear on them. For me, the sweet spot is 43" for 4K typing/reading/editing. I have mine mounted on an arm. I don't rotate it to portrait, but could if the task called for it. Look through the top 2 pinned threads of the Displays forum for lots of pics, recommendations and discussion of TVs as monitors.
Wait for the LG 48" OLED to see how it is. You could always run it at an ultra wide resolution if you want it to be smaller.
I think a single 4K monitor/TV would work. Just don't go too big or it will be hard to work on.

40" would be the largest I recommend, but I think Martha Stewart is right with a 32".

There will be enough resolution at 4K that you can make windows smaller and still have a similar workflow to multi-monitor.