3 Enermax SpineRex Chassis Up for Grabs

Great design great cooling potential and lots of space for hard drives utilizing modular mounts A++++++!!!!
Excellent airflow, love the modular design and the dust cover is a very nice feature. The red fan option is great as well. Blue just isn't my color. ^_^
Control for the light so it can be dimmed down
Dust filter are good too,

but the most is that it Look GOOD
Wow, that's a whole lot of awesome features on that thing but honestly the thing that first jumped out at me was the Modular HDD cages... I do love modular stuff. :D Still this is a pretty awesome looking case, I'll definitely be looking at it for my next system build.
I really like the top cover and the hard drive cages! I also like the fact it's made by Enermax which means it oozes quality!
I'm happy with my current case. But this one looks fantastic. I like all of the main features and it looks like it has as much if not more airflow than the HAF.
I like a lot of the features in the case (space, modularity and switchable LED fans are cool), but my favorite feature has to be the dust control.
the cable management options looks to be rocking but dust filters are nice as well.
Its a toss-up between the 25cm fan (yeah, cool and quiet thing that spins yet barely makes a sound) and the cable management and cooler holes. How many of us have had to remove the whole mobo just to replace a cooler?

Although with that big ass fan, passive cooling would be a lot easier lol.
Several dust filters for my dusty place, gigantic fans compared to my case and lots of room prove that I will soon be taking pics of my setup in this case courtesy of Enermax ! :p
lots of storage space and flexible system for adding stuff in the future.