2nd EVGA 980TI to lose Display ports


Apr 25, 2001
Have a friend who bought a B stock 980TI about 2 yrs ago. Around the time the 1070 launched anyway. About a year ago, his display ports went out and he was able to Warranty it back to EVGA and they replaced with another B stock 980TI and it was fine up until the other day when again his display ports went bad. His DVI port still works. His warranty is now expired as the B stock only has a 1 yr warranty and they are unsympathetic to his problem

Anyone have any information on wtf will cause his display ports to go bad. He had a 960GTX running fine on this mobo/monitor for a year prior to that w/out issue.

Seems odd he'd lose only display ports(all display ports) on 2 different 980Ti's :/


Supreme [H]ardness
Feb 11, 2013
unreliable, bad quality DP cables tend to be the cause of that issue as cheaper non-compliant ones have active 20th pin which tend to cause major issues with GPUS and or monitors as there's active current where it shouldn't be, that's why people have to be picky at the moment of buy DP cables, they have to be VESA certified and DP compliant and be sure they are 19pin cables.