2600k died. New gaming pc needed


Jul 25, 2016
Hey Guys,

I just got done playing taps for my 2600k. She has been a great processor, but is now buried next to my 2 dead PS4's. To the point. I am not sure what to do. I only need a motherboard, CPU, and ram. I have already ordered a 1080 gtx and a new SSD. I game a lot. I use the i7 for some streaming and encoding I do, but it isn't really that important. Basically I want something along the same performance. You are the experts, so suggest away.

Sorry, I forgot I would like to spend probably 450 to 600 US for these. I am in Canada so the pricing will be about 20 to 25% higher. So 750 Canadian. I am willing to keep RAM out of the final price as well. It is cheap enough, but I would like recommendations on RAM as well.
I would get a 6700K and be done with it for the next many years. Just as your 2600K. Then get at least 2400Mhz DDR4, better yet up to 2800Mhz if the price is good. It should all be possible within your budget.

6700K is 350$ on newegg, 2x8GB DDR4 is 60-70$ and a Z170 mobo can be had from 75$ and up depending on your needs. Remember you need a cooler for the 6700K as well, that's another 30$ or so.

So even with a 150$ board, you should be within 600$.
I like that idea. I want to get everything together by the end of the month. Any particular motherboard you would recommend?. I do enjoy ASUS stuff, as I have had good luck with it.
It depends on your needs. I am very happy with the board I use, but that's for MiniITX.

If you use wifi, then make sure you get one that got it, and the wifi card is a replaceable one in an M.2 slot (Same as laptops uses).

I'm not a fan of Asus myself.
I would seriously consider buying a 3930k 6 core you can pickup a used cpu for like 150 the motherboards are around 250 and you can resuse your ram and it has 6 cores.I dont think a 6700k is all that future proof to be honest with only having 4 cores
If he wants to spend $750 i don't see how going back multiple generations just for 6 cores is the logical choice.