250 GB Maxtor PATA $100 @ CompUSA (no mail in rebates)

wow...just wow. So many hard drive deals this year, that I don't need. Must...resist :(
lol i fell to the temptation of buying this hd's big brothers. they are so nice!!! wish i had some money th buy this little bug for my old comp lol
damnit! i've resisted buying more computer stuff since i got my tax return. how can i resist this?:mad:
thanks alot! :D
I was going to pay sales tax on the site, so I just went to the store and picked one up today. I needed it but I hope to switch to Serial ATA soon enough.
How is Maxtor with the newer drives? I could really use a 250GB... but have had bad experiences with Maxtor.

Is there anyway to extend the warranty like with WD?
damn.. i could actually justify getting one bcause both my 160gigers are full.. but i have a shuttle and no space which means i either need to spend $50 on an external enclosure, or a socket A mobo so i can throw together a file server with spare parts.. and i don't need to do that..
CRAP I was on my way out the door to get 2 of these until I saw that they are Maxtores I've vowed to never buy from them again! Oh well I should save till next paycheck anyway.
I just picked up 4 of them.

On the website I think it said a limit of 2 per person but when I went in there they had about 40 of them left in the stack so I grabbed 4.

They are the 1 year waranty drives but what the hell. HDs are so damn reliable anymore and for $.42/GB after tax that's a friggn' steal for a TB worth of storage.

They are going to find a nice new home in my new Linux media server.

This is going to be a busy week for me since my X-Box mod chip comes on Tuesday too.
I ordered two of these this morning. Only had Shipped Only at the time. Oh well, got conformation e-mail telling me that they had my order and would be a couple of days til either they ship them or I get them. Either way is cool with me. They already charged my bank account so I know that part is ok.
bought 4 of these beauties... no rebate... nice :) it will go well in my 64bit PCI slot raid 4x IDE controller card I bought at newegg :) Hmm.. that will put me at over 2TB in one system... if I can find room in my case :) thanks for the post!
picked one up for myself today in Orlando. Good deal (as long as the drive doesn't die anytime soon).
Picked up 2 of these in Salem, NH today. They had 48 in stock at noon. 40 cents a gig!!!! How can you beat it.
Checked stocks in Seattle area, available in tukwila, bellevue, and Mountlake stores.

Got in and out in 5 minutes with my two drives. The staff was remarkably helpful and efficient. Looked in the stockroom, and saw a pile of em'

Nice retail kits too... yeah! I stuff all of my DVD's in storage now.
needmorecarnitine said:
How loud are these drives?

I have one in my computer, and don't notice it (mine is 6y....not sure Comp's are 6y or 7y), but a friend has a 6y in his Tivo, and it's pretty loud without a fan to mask the noise.

I'd also ad that my 6Y is a replacement drive....the original died within 6 months. Normally drives end up in shoeboxes long before they die on me. I'm not sure I'd buy a maxtor again, but we'll see how the refurb works.
ok, so after thinking about it all day, and all night, i went to CompUSA and picked up 2 of these drives. I couldn't pass up the price per gigabyte on them.

With 16mb I am sure they will make for great HTPC drives.

Thanx for the posting.

Maxtor huh?

just picked one up and got the 2 year extended warranty for like $10 more so it should be OK in the HTPC for a wile.

I will see what happens.
not that I advocate misusing warrenties, but a rubber mallet will break any drive without showing signs of abuse, and maxtor has always replaced drives under warrenty without any questions.

just some free information.

Damn. Well, as you might have figured out, there are no CompUSA's in Canada. ;)

A friend of mine might be visitting Seattle in the next couple of days. Hopefully he hooks me up.
Another note. Don't pay extra for a 1 year warranty. Maxtor has a very good RMA service for all their drives. This one in particular has a 1 year warranty.

It took me 2 minutes (+ 5 minutes of hold music) to get RMA's for a very faulty Maxtor drive of mine. They even pick up the shipping cost, you just buy the packaging.
After a day of use, I can say that the drive is no louder than my seagate or WD drives that are in there. Both 80 gb. The external 20 gb drive is in fact louder.
Picked up 4 more of these to go with the 2 8mb 250gb versions I picked up before thanksgiving at the same cost. Couple more and I can store half my dvd's on Harddrive, geeze thats alot of space.
Early Sunday it was On-Line Only and I went ahead and ordered two of them. I have found that with Compusa if you wait you lose. So I got my order in and they devliered them today.

.01 cents for shipping, I can't beat that. Plus they delivered to my work. I like that the best.