24" Philips 240pw9 yellow gradient left to right


May 21, 2009
I've just bought a 24" Philips 240pw9 and I was wondering if there is a way to check the panel type? It is supposed to be an IPS panel and I'm pretty sure it is (the viewing angles seem much better than my old monitor), but I would just like to confirm this.

Also I've noticed that with a white image on the screen there seems to be a yellow gradient from left to right regardless of viewing angle. Should I worry about this, or is it a problem which is common or acceptable with IPS panels? It is kind of annoying me.

One more thing, do i need to callibrate it? Is there a program i can use (preferably free)? I know the best way is to use a colorimeter but i dont need it to be perfect, but just as good as it can be without one. Is it possible to improve callibration from factory default just with software?

Bump. I need to know if this is a defect so I know if I should return it or not. It is like the backlight is a warmer temperature on the left and a cooler temperature on the right.
^Seems to be a standard IPS panel issue, check the 2209WA thread...lots of people have that issue.
I lucked out, my 2209WA seems to be quite uniform all the way across.
If it bugs you, it's a defect. Exchange for another unit or accept it as is.