24" IPS Gaming FS2434 or Ev2336WFS ?


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Feb 26, 2005
Trying to choose a new 23-24 IPS for some FPS gaming and light photo work.

I was looking at replacing my asus 248QE with an IPS due to the horrible colors on this thing

The first was the eizo gaming monitor FS2434 my only concern it being a 60hz monitor might have some ghosting playing fps games. Anybody know if it suffers from this ? I mostly play Far Cry, BF4 and World of Tanks

So I was looking for something just a little faster and came across the Eizo EV2336W and seen where it is 76hz, seemed like the perfect choice.
But don't know if that is full resolution. Many times they say that but you only get 76hz at a smaller resolution but drops to 60Hz at @1920 X 1080.

I also seen where NCX recommends a Dell S2415H, but have never attempted to OC a monitor so i dont know whats involved but also seen several reviews of the Dells having a glow in the corner.

Any input on these would be awesome as well as another recommendation for a good IPS gamer in the 400'ish price range.

Thanks guys


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Jan 9, 2010
The EV2336 can not over clock, not sure about the FS2424, but it is a waste of money since the higher price pays for useless features and the remote. It has a stronger matte coating than the PLS EV2336 and less vibrant colours since it can only cover 87% of the sRGB colour space like the other 1080p AH-IPS panels. The Dell S2415H and HP 23 Envy's glossy coating significantly increase the vibrancy and clarity compared to the matte AH-IPS and AD-PLS (Samsung 3x0 and 590 series) panels.

All monitors suffer from ghosting, but it's not worth worrying about if you are using a cheap ancient monitor. Almost all AHVA/IPS/PLS panels suffer from bottom corner glow, and any monitor can come with back-light bleed. Overclocking monitors only takes a few minutes, and there are plenty of guides for both AMD and Nvidia users can be found with Google. Example:


Video Tutorial for Nvidia cards