24' Gaming Monitor $200-300

Jun 18, 2011
What I have right now is;
Samsung XL2370, it's a "Professional" 23-inch LCD TN with 2ms.

I want to buy a new (single) monitor so I can have dual monitors. I want the following;
$200-300 price range.
A good deal. (price/performance, and/or promotions?)
Speakers built-in, or can be attached to bottom would be cool.
DVI/HDMI, (Audio out for HDMI would be awesome.)
Gaming mostly, but I also watch movies. (My current monitor has some serious angle issues.)
23-24 inches
Real buttons.. the XL2370 buttons randomly press on their own sometimes.. :/

Here are some that I've looked at, but don't look at me.. I don't know alot about monitors;
Really nice IPS, right.. ?? Almost double what I want to pay.

24 inch TN looks like.. High reviews, includes speakers, nice.

Gamer monitor (120 Hz, 3D ready supposedly), again, way above budget, but interesting. (Changed, apparently not listed as a "alienware" monitor.)

Input? Should I be looking for a TV instead? I think PIP would be cool, but then again, I'll have two monitors, so not really needed probably. :confused: