24" advice please


Dec 23, 2007
My FW900 is behaving stranger by the day, so I fear it won't work for much longer. That's why I'm looking into TFTs once again.

I'm looking for
- 24" widescreen
- zero input lag (since I'm very sensitive to it)
- low afterglow
- can have overdrive if input lag isn't increased (some panels claim to be able to pull this off)
- no TN panel
- non glare panel
- DVI (doesn't have to be HDCP capable) and D-SUB analog connectors
- 1:1 pixel mapping capability
- uniform illumination
- doesn't need to have speakers

Do you folks have any recommendations?
Well, the HP isnt available everywhere, depending on which side of the Atlantic you are, you might have some monitors available to you, but not others.

but yeah, thats good.
reading the first two pages will give you a glimpse into the most popular models.