2014 Beast For Sale or Not You Tell Me

Dec 18, 2006
Tom's 2014 Desktop PC Computer Build now for sale

Have a new mancave and do not need the beast anymore. It's a great system. If this does not sell will turn it into a Roon Server or Linux system.

2014 System No HDD No OS
CPU INTEL|CORE I7 4960X 3.6G 15M R$250 (purchased at Newegg new $1,049 see below)
ASUS Rampage IV Black Edition motherboard$350 (purchased at Newegg new on Amazon now $768)
EVGA Geforce 780Ti's x3$400 (purchased from EVGA)
PSU SILVERSTONE | ST1500 1500W RT(purchased at Newegg $379 new now $384 Amazon)
MEM 8x8G|G,SKILL F3-2133C9Q2-64GZH$200 (purchased at Newegg new $679)
Shipping and Handling $75 wihout case/internals only
Corsair 800D Obsidian Case$320 plus shipping (approx $100-120 shipped US only)

Option 1: Computer System Internal Parts No Case Total: $1,400.00 plus shipping (no case, no hdd/OS)

Option 2: Computer System Case Included Total:
$1,795.00 plus shipping

NEWEGG 2014 RECEIPT for Motherboard, CPU and Memory (64GB)

Optional Monitors for Sale as well if you are interested:
Qty (3) Dell 30” 3007 monitors w/their included desktop stands, includes DVI cables for the (3) GTX 780Ti graphics cards
-Dell 3007WFPHC, Dell3007WFP, Dell3008WFP --> $200 each or $500 for all 3 includes thier desktop monitor stands (shipping is extra)




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2 questions regarding the 780 Tis, is that price for all 3 together? Also are they the founders style blower cards? I already have 1 and want 3 more to do a 4-way sli so I'm interested if so.
Hi guys, feel free to pm me with your questions. I'm trying to follow the rules on selling on HF lol... want to make sure I'm doing everything correctly. As some have asked, I would really like to stick with the two options I listed above, so do not really want to part things out because then its just a bunch of parts. Regarding shipping monitors I would have to add boxes to the shipment. The 780Ti's that is the price for all 3 correct. Hope that helps answer some of your questions. 👍🏻 Local is: Tampa FL