2005 Post Your Workstation

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First time post, long time reading :) Here's mine (hyperlinks because of img size) Sorry for crappy pics

More pics, as well as pics of inside to come later...when I get around to it...
well here's my at home from college setup, yes i have gotten very lazy this summer so don't mind the mess
The top pic is the HP 23" and the bottom pic is the Apple 23" or 30"... not sure which one.
nothing amazing but meh

kind looks like this now

AMD Athlon 64 3200+
MSI K8N NEO2 Platinum
Leadtek A250 Ultra Ti4600 <<-- ????
Knuckles5 said:
No, it's a LITE-ON. And it works fine for me :p
sry, just looked exactly like my old chieftec keyboard that lasted me a month be4 dying. :(
my workstation prwns ALL of yours!!!


lol my room is a peice of crap... and that's our old computer that's in my room.... im poor as hell so i can't do anything to overhaul it. the only thing ive done to it is added 64 MB of SDRAM to it, and i didn't even buy it, i swiped it out of an old decommisioned comp at one of my dad's client's office when they weren't looking (they wouldn't have given a damn either way) :D

if any1 wants to send me a new graphics card (AGP) or a whole new mobo while im at it, ill give you my address! :p

by the way, that's the our families old comp i play most of the old single player games on and also do my work and programming n stuff on. im trying to learn QBasic. that's what they wrote the greatest OS in, Windows, isn't it?

j/k!!! i am seriously trying to learn C++ though, pm me with links on where i may find tutorials or anything helpful.

EDIT: >_< sry about the bluriness, my camera sux as well. (not to mention i couldn't hold it perfectly still)
lovin that dimension 4xxx series....had that exact same case but bought as a refurb. 32mb geforce goodnessssssss
Heres another setup i found from back in 2003. This was teken not long after i'd painted the custom desktop , back in the shiny days!! :D

Hey, nice setup. Can you post some more pics of the monitor arms your using there? :)
posted a while back at the old apartment, figured a new duplex and lots of new gear deserved a new post, so here goes:


the home office, where the work after work and most the gaming gets done
-1st rig in signature, development/gaming rig


another angle of my wireless desk and the new (only 2 days old) 2005fpw, you can see the 27" Sony Wega with all my old school consoles in the background


the mobile workstation, IBM ThinkPad T42, my personal favorite laptop of all time


the home theater, my pride and joy
-Samsung 56" DLP TV, Yamaha 7.1 RVX-1500 A/V Receiver, Deneon 2910 Upconverting DVD Player, DefTech BP2006 BiPolar Array floorstanding speakers (w/ active 250W subs) for front L/R, DefTech Mythos 7 center, DefTech BPX1.2 BiPolar surround L/R speakers, and DefTech Mythos Gems for the Surround Back L/R, modded xbox (of course), Motorola HD PVR cable box, series 2 tivo modded w/ 250 gig HD


my new toy, Logitech Harmony 880 remote w/ color screen, turned 6 archaic remotes into one incredibly simple interface

not bad for a 22 year old, huh
SLiCkFX said:
Thanks, I updated some stuff since then. BTW, I just saw your setup, nice colors and atmosphere. I likes!!


I became a Dell LCD whore because of the prices. :p

Anyone want to buy my two 17" Princeton LCDs? I need to replace them with Dell 17" to match the others. :D
o good god, this is a Holy Shrine, this is literally, just damn!!!!! all you need is a mini fridge I could live in that space.
Kaiga said:
o good god, this is a Holy Shrine, this is literally, just damn!!!!! all you need is a mini fridge I could live in that space.

second that. sweet setup
Ibanez3434 said:
You've never had a job then :).

How'd you know I work for SBC? ;) (These remotes are part of my side-job though...)

New setup to stay on topic..

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